Bettabin Terms and Conditions

1. Services

1.1 Bettatrans will service the bettabin as per the customer’s frequency request

1.2 Bettatrans will suspend services if prior collection charges have not been paid

1.3 The customer will ensure there is access to the bettabin on the day of collection

1.4 The customer will notify Bettatrans with 48 hours prior if a scheduled collection is not required due to illness, holiday’s etc

1.5 Extra or non scheduled collection requests must be made by email only to

2. Waste

2.1 The customer will not contaminate the waste with unacceptable waste

2.2 Bettatrans will not service the bettabin if there is unacceptable waste in the bettabin

2.3 If the waste is contaminated with unacceptable waste then the customer will be asked to remove the unacceptable waste from the bettabin

2.4 Bettatrans must be advised prior to collection if there is extra waste to be taken which will not fit into the bettabin

3. Equipment

3.1 Bettatrans will provide one or more bettabin’s as requested by the customer and will remain the property of Bettatrans at all times

3.2 The customer must use the bettabin for waste only and will not damage or remove identifying marks or stickers from the bettabin

3.3 The customer will notify Bettatrans if the bettabin becomes damaged and the customer will pay for the repair or replacement of the bettabin if it is broken, damaged or stolen (except for fair wear and tear)

4. Charges and Payment

4.1 Charges may increase in line with any significant increase in the cost of labour, fuel, disposal costs, or consumables used in the performance of the service

4.2 Bettabin rental payment must be paid 6 months in advance

4.3 Standard collection charge will apply if the service is futile due to no access, contaminated, overloaded or empty (if prior notice has not been given)

4.4 Payment will not be accepted by the driver

5. Liability and Indemnity

5.1 Bettatrans will not be liable to the customer for any consequential loss, or loss caused or contributed to by the customer or people associated with the customer such as employees, contactors or customers clients

5.2 Unless contrary to law, Bettatrans liability to the customer will be limited at Bettatrans discretion

5.3 The customer indemnifies Bettatrans for any loss or damage to Bettatrans property, equipment or vehicles and indemnifies Bettatrans against any claim or action which may be bought against Bettatrans, its employee’s or agents in respect of personal injury or death of any person and for any claims made against Bettatrans as a result of performing the services

6. Term

6.1 Minimum term is 6 months

6.2 The customer may cancel the service at any time after the initial six month term has expired by email only.

Updated 17/2/2018

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